World of Warcraft

Night Elf Druid Cat Form

WoW: 4.0.3a Feral Druid PvP Guide

In the newest World of Warcraft patch, if you were playing feral already, it’s still pretty much the same – except easier. The things written here are based on arena, but work in most other scenarios here as well. If you’re an experienced feral already, this guide will probably not help you, but I would More >

Grim Batol Entrance

WoW: Grim Batol Instance Guide

Grim Batol is a mountain fortress located in the eastern Wetlands. It has great walls and spires that reach toward a steel-gray sky, but the stronghold’s bulk is underground. Founded by Wildhammer dwarves and later captured by orcs, a flight of red dragons now command Grim Batol. The dragons guard a secret power within the More >

Blackrock Caverns Entrance

WoW: Blackrock Caverns Instance Guide

Blackrock Caverns is the first of two new wings in Blackrock Spire introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. It is designed as a 5-man instance for players level 80 to 81. It is a series of tunnels created by Deathwing from the Twilight Highlands to Blackrock Mountain. Here the twisted Twilight’s Hammer clan is transporting More >


WoW: Paladin Tanking Guide (Patch 3.3)

This guide is presented in a simple Question/Answer format to allow for maximum information within a minimal amount of space. It will show you exactly what you need to be a successful paladin tank. The data is valid for WotLK patch 3.3. WHAT IS ALL THIS DEFENSE STUFF I’M HEARING ABOUT? Defense is a statistic More >