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Path of Exile Leveling Guide

Leveling in any game is one of the most important aspects for new players, as everyone always wants to get to the endgame as fast as possible. Path of Exile can be played through pretty quickly if you know what you’re doing, but new players might have a hard time wrapping their heads around some More >

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Beginners TERA Leveling Guide

Well, it’s more of a collection of random leveling tips than a full leveling guide, but it’ll do until we can gather more information about the game. There are a lot of players interested in Tera Online, so having a few pointers on how to level up quicker will surely be welcome. I tried to More >


BF3 Leveling Guide

If you care about getting levels quickly in Battlefield 3 and unlocking all weapon customizations as fast as possible, you’ll surely be interested in the following few leveling tips. While some of the following 8 tips are well known to a lot of players, those of you who are new to the game might want More >

SWTOR Free Beginners Leveling Guide

SWTOR Free Beginners Leveling Guide

In Star Wars: The Old Republic there are several main types of quests and missions, and several methods for leveling your characters. It’s not entirely different from most other MMORPGs but there are some stuff that beginner players might want to know about, so hopefully you’ll find this short, basic and free SWTOR leveling guide More >


SWTOR: Planets Progression Guide

This is an overview of the planets and their level ranges in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since a lot of players don’t know on which level they’ll visit which planet, this should give you a nice hint and tell you when and where you’ll go next. Level ranges are approximate and you may gain More >


Star Trek Online Ranks Guide

Star Trek Online has many unique features which differentiate it from other games, and one of them is the way character progression and leveling works. In Star Trek Online (STO) players can achieve five different ranks, the same as we’ve seen in Star Trek movies and series, except in the game you get to command More >